Monday, June 22, 2009

37. White Bird

Beware of "Chick Day" at Southern States. Free chicks with the purchase of a bag of feed. This is probably where the drug dealers learned their sales techniques, first time is free....  Your wife and children will come home, "Honey, we need to build a chick coop.   And we need to build it now...."
I was painting this on what was one of the hottest days this year. It didn't quite reach 100, but considering that it was raining and in the 70's for most of the week, it was hot. To get a bit of topic, I was struck by the similarity of the song "Hot Summer Day" by the group Its a Beautiful Day and Borodin's "On the Steppes of Central Asia" They both use a single violin playing a high thin theme to give the impression of the heat rising off the ground and the hot sun on your back.
I am not totally coming from left field here, Its a Beautiful Day had a big hit with the song "White Bird" way back when.  So that's two connections..
I hope you enjoyed this look into how the mind of the artist works.....Here's the painting

White Hen
4 x 6 Oil Painting

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Continue on this journey with me and see what's in store for tomorrow.

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