Thursday, September 10, 2009

90 Show Llama

Why do I call this painting "Show Llama"? You see the nice neat mane, flowing off to the right and left? Well, that is not natural. Our llamas would have anything and everything stuck in their manes. If they were out in the woods, it wasn't unusual to find 2-3 foot long tree branch hanging from one's mane.
At a recent horse show, I was discussing llamas with an exhibitor. They had friends whose llamas would spit and butt you with their heads. Ours were nothing like that. Willie and Magic just didn't lower themselves to interact with mere humans. We were welcome to bring them food. In fact the only time one of them tried to spit at me was when I was taking food away. My shop was in one of the areas set aside for them. If I was working outside, they would come up to watch. But only on their terms. The reason for the long neck is so that they could look down on you.

Show Llama
4 x 6 Oil on Canvas

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