Saturday, October 31, 2009

122 Waiting

Yes, I have been at horse shows since September. I think it's beginning to affect me. Wednesday I was honored to be allowed to watch and photograph a local hunt. When I arrived I was handed over to Mr. Fred, the retired huntsman. Mr. Fred drove his Mazda pickup down lanes and across fields. Like a fast boat ride across choppy seas. We waited in one spot for a while, then drove back, down the highway, down a county road and up a dead end road to reach the other side of the hill.

Sitting on the side of a country road, looking down a long driveway waiting for the hounds to show. "They will cross about there and then either head away from us or come toward us and turn..." Mr. Fred was sitting in the truck, I got out for a while to take some photos with the long lens. After half and hour, forty five minutes, the people whose home we were parked in front of must have gotten a bit suspicious, because a sheriff's car pulled up behind, lights flashing. Mr. Fred, who happens to be eighty-nine was able to convince the deputy that we were innocent citizens, just waiting for the hounds. While waiting for the hounds, two riders showed up on the road. Whippers-in, they were there to keep the animals off the road. The study below is of one of them. She was actually standing in the road, but I used a bit of that artistic license.
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