Monday, November 16, 2009

131 Pond, Willow and White Duck

Ah, the Artist's Life. We have been exhibiting our work at horse shows in the Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC since the last week of September. Yesterday afternoon our last show ended a bit earlier than expected and I broke down and loaded up our display and paintings last night and was able to enjoy a sunny day at home, mostly sitting on the porch....

Despite the work involved and total upheaval of our work schedule, the shows give us a chance to meet with our collectors and portrait clients, past present and future.

About today's painting. The subject was suggested by one of my collectors who was at one of the shows last month. A pond with a willow tree and a white duck. My first thought was a view of the pond, willow tree at one end, the duck swimming somewhere in the middle. My second idea was this one, the duck under the willow branches. What I really enjoy about doing commissions is that it stretches your creativity muscle. Many artists look at any requirements by a client as somehow impinging on their creativity, when actually the opposite is true. Working within parameters that are not your own force you to use your creativity to its fullest.

Pond, Willow and White Duck
4 x 6 Oil on Canvas
Commissioned Painting

Each painting is an original, one of a kind. Once it's sold, it is gone. Click on the button above to pay with paypal or credit card.
Or contact me directly at: steve at
A donation to Danny and Ron's Rescue will be made for every painting sold.

Continue on this journey with me and see what's in store for tomorrow.

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