Monday, February 7, 2011

214 In the Flock

I am always amazed at the diversity here just outside Raleigh NC. From longhorn cows to Glouscestershire Old Spots within twenty miles of our house. Old tobacco barns on old tobacco farms, dairy barns on dairy farms, all around the corner. Chickens, guineas, donkeys just down our road. Albino deer running across the front yard, driving the dogs nuts. Squirrels and rabbits. Tree frogs....
Today's painting, Theresa and I took a drive around the county a week or so ago and came across a flock of sheep. Unlike the longhorns down the road, they decided they didn't want us around and began moving away. We had to move quickly to get the cameras out to take photos to use as reference for paintings. On this painting I decided to move the calendar forward a bit and green up their pasture.

In the Flock
4 x 6 Oil on Canvas
$100. shipping included

Each painting is an original, one of a kind. Once it's sold, it is gone. Click on the button above to pay with paypal or credit card.Or contact me directly at: steve at
A donation to Danny and Ron's Rescue will be made for every painting sold.
Continue on this journey with me and see what's in store for tomorrow.

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