Sunday, September 1, 2013

283 Old John Deere

No, it's not a giant mechanized frog from the Fifties. Nor is it proof that aliens have been among us. I found this old John Deere tractor in a shed.  I was down in South Carolina, trying to paint on a day that wasn't too hot or rainy. While walking the farm, looking for the right view to capture all the important elements for the farm painting, I found it. This machine has character. Like a time worn face that show the years of life and love, it tells of years in the fields.  I'm hooked. In fact the next painting will be another old tractor.  

Study in Green and Yellow
4 x 6 oil on linen panel


Each painting is an original, one of a kind. Once it's sold, it is gone. Click on the button above to pay with paypal or credit card. Or contact me directly at: steve at
A donation to Danny and Ron's Rescue will be made for every painting sold.
Continue on this journey with me and see what's in store for tomorrow.

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