Tuesday, May 26, 2009

14. Working with a Live Model

I finished my stint of plein air painting at the Devon Horse Show yesterday. Today I drove down to the Shore (Jersey) for a day before heading back to NC. When I arrived here, my plans for a few nice seascapes, beach scenes were washed away by the weather. Fifty some degrees and raining. But when one door closes another opens.... I was given the opportunity to work from a live model. A semi sleeping 14 year old Wire Haired Fox Terrier named Hurricane. Hurricane has been the subject of a painting a while back. Today he was very cooperative and posed on the couch for hours.

Sleeping Hurricane
4 x 6 Oil on Canvas

Each painting is an original, one of a kind. Once it's sold, it is gone. Click on the button above to pay with paypal or credit card. Or contact me directly at: steve at sfilarsky.comSo keep with me on this journey and see what in store for tomorrow.

Stephen Filarsky - Plein Air Painter

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