Monday, May 18, 2009

6. Something a bit different

It's already day six. Only 94 more to go. I am beginning to think that I might have to extend this project. It is been a lot of fun so far.
Tomorrow morning, my plans are to head over to Fearrington Village, near Chapel Hill, NC and paint with a local plein air painting group. There are lots of Belted Galloway cows (oreo looking cows, black front and back and white in the middle) over there, so you will probably be seeing some of them here on this blog. After painting, it's back home and start loading for the trip to paint at the Devon Horse show.
Today's painting. I had a photo of this guy and he just had to be painted. Fuzzy pig? Abominable snow hog?

The White Pig
4x6 oil on canvas
I don't know of any pig rescue groups in the area, so a donation will be made to Danny and Ron's Rescue from the sale of this painting. The intimate 4 x 6 paintings are so versatile. Sized for the person who doesn't have any wall space. Great gifts too.
So keep with me on this journey and see what in store for tomorrow.

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